About Karen Zuegner

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December 2005

The more I paint, the more I think that my work is not about achieving one idea or a particular visualization.  I think of it more as an obsessive search for forms or images that have the possibility of functioning on several different levels.  My job is to find them and force them together.
I am open to discovering these images anywhere, in the past, in music, in my neighborhood. And often, the most potent images are not ones that I pursue directly but  ones that I see out of the corner of my eye.
From this found vocabulary, I build the paintings and see it as a place where I can juxtapose these elements until the painting takes on some kind of life of its own.  
I often find that the path from the beginning to the end goes in ways that I am not always able to predict or control.  But if viewers are able to connect to some of the images with their own set of meanings, I consider the work a success.